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Up and Down Days, Part One: The Bay of Water

May 1, 2021

The Caledonia Collective

For many years I’ve liked to tell people that I have an ‘up and down’ relationship with Scotland’s hills. Partly I say this because I love a good pun, but behind that also lies the fact that people can take that saying and interpret it how they like. It’s a way for me to say something without having to say too much – a way of offering the other person the opportunity to take it as nothing more than a lighthearted play on words, and avoid going too deep.

But the people who know me best can see beyond that. The people with whom I have shared hill days, to whom I’ve told the stories, who have seen me change and been the agents of change in me; they know I mean more. Because no-one spends a life in love with hills and mountains and comes away without being changed…

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