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Up and Down Days Part Three: Zero to Hero

May 4, 2021

Wow! Stunningly beautiful images and insightful and inspirational writing.

The Caledonia Collective

The annual Burns Night trip to Skye was usually the highlight of the mountaineering club calendar. The third weekend in January would find a few dozen of us piling into an assortment of clapped out hatchbacks, the suspension groaning under the weight of students and their piles of kit and food for 3 nights. We hit the road in convoy, driving north through the darkness for 5 or 6 hours, radio blasting out Guns N Roses.

As we pressed on the roads grew quieter and gradually more dimly lit as the street lights of towns were left behind. Snow poles passed by in streaks of light along the A9, then we turned off onto narrower and more winding lanes. I stared through the glass window into the absolute blankness of the night, looking past my own reflection and wondering what sights and places we were passing by. Gaelic started to…

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