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Up and Down Days, Part Six: Cold Forged

May 23, 2021

Another gripping blog from David Russell, for Caledonia Collective.

The Caledonia Collective

The day I enjoyed on An Teallach with Doug, Jack and the others was one of the best hill days I’d ever had. More than that; it was, in retrospect, the beginning of one of best years of my life. A year during which I grew more in confidence and ability than any other. Not just as far as climbing and mountaineering were concerned either; it was a time when I began to feel I knew exactly who I wanted to become as a person.

Doing adventurous things outdoors was core to the identity I was shaping. The friendships I had made among the hills drew me out of my shell. The strength and fitness I had built through regular climbing gave me a faith in the abilities of my own body I had never imagined as an asthmatic and anxious teen. I enjoyed being noticed among people, and felt…

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