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Woods, Wood and Woodwork.

June 2, 2021

The Caledonia Collective

If I source, cut, split and stack wood myself, I feel I’ve earned the right to be warm in winter.  It would be easier to have central heating, and not have to fiddle around with matches and kindling first thing in the morning, but the act of lighting a fire makes me feel connected to the world around me and always conscious of where our warmth and energy comes from.  

Back in March, I got hold of 25 tonnes of fresh beech to process into firewood. I’m hoping that it will warm our house and water for the next three years. It came from a forest just north of here, where it had been removed to encourage the native trees to flourish. Beech has a beautiful texture and splits like a dream. In all honesty that wood stack has kept me sane during lockdown. Every day for months, over our…

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