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What Capercaillie Mean to Me

July 19, 2021

A really interesting piece about Capercaillie. I’ve yet to see one on my highland trips and this has inspired me to quietly keep looking!

The Caledonia Collective

What I can’t face is the thought of walking through Highland forests, knowing that these majestic birds are not silently watching from the canopy. This is why I cannot let these birds go. As, more than anything else, they belong here, and they deserve to be saved.

Molly Doubleday

Its pitch black in the forest. At 4am in April, sunrise is still far off. It’s also chilly. I huddle deeper into my sleeping bag. Careful not to make a sound. My head is down. My eyes are heavy with exhaustion. Yet my ears are alert. Straining to listen in the silence. This morning, I am rewarded. Finally, I hear the quiet, yet unmistakable popping, breaking through the forest. This call is as ancient as the forest itself. It has begun. I release a silent breath of relief, square my shoulders, and start to concentrate. Keeping everything crossed for a good…

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