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Up and Down Days, Part Seven: The Bad Day

May 30, 2021

A gripping read from David Russell for Caledonia Collective, in the 7th episode of his series ‘Up and Down Days’

The Caledonia Collective

I think that when people talk about having ‘adventures’ we generally mean doing something active, bold, possibly a little risky, but with a beneficial impact on ourselves. There’s an implication in how we use the word that the adventure will surely have a good outcome. It will be something fun and fulfilling, without doubt. But there is a commonly used definition for the word ‘adventure’ that runs like this:

An undertaking in which there is uncertainty of outcome.

The fact is that if you’re doing something that is genuinely adventurous, then there is always a possibility that it could turn to misadventure.

I’ve reached the part of my story that begins to be difficult to tell. It’s difficult to look back at some things. Difficult to accept your own folly, or the consequences. But I don’t want to play things down, or leave things out that are important. As…

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